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Minutes of the 232nd meeting 

April 7, 2003

Washington D.C.


The meeting was called to order and chaired by Colonel Mark A. Roncoli, Alternate U.S. Chair. The Control Board meeting started at 1:35 p.m. and ended at 4:45 p.m. Those in attendance were:


Board Members

COL M. Roncoli, Alt.Chairman

Mr. James T. Bernier 

Dr. Theodore L. Hullar

Dr. F. Sciremammano, Jr.


Mr. Jacques Lorquet, Chairman

Mr. D. Brown

Mr. A. Carpentier

Mr. R. Metcalfe




Mr. J. Kangas


Mr. F. D’Agnolo (Acting)


Regulation Representatives

LTC J. Hall


Mr. D. Fay



Mr. R. Thomas

Mr. R. Griffith

Mr. T. Lavigne

Ms. C. LaVean

Mr. W. Werick


Ms. W. Leger

Mr. S. Robert

Mr. G. Yelle

Mr. M. Boutilier


The Board approved the draft agenda (Enclosure 1).

Item 1. – Current conditions and regulation strategy

The Reg Reps provided an update on the water supplies, levels, flows, recent deviations from plan, and forecasts. The Reg Reps also discussed the outflow changes made since the March 5-6, 2003 meeting. The Board noted, in particular:

  • Water supplies to all of the Great Lakes were below average in January and February. Lake Ontario water supplies were below average during June-February. March water supplies to all the lakes were above average except Lakes Michigan-Huron. The precipitation and temperature outlook for April-June is expected to be average.
  • Montreal Harbour levels set new record lows since 1967 for each month during October through March.
  • Water levels of all the Great Lakes are below their respective March averages and all are lower than one year ago.
  • Snow pack on the Lake Ontario basin was above average in mid-March and most of the snow pack has melted by early April
  • On April 3, Lake Ontario was at elevation 74.59 m (244.72 ft), which was 28 cm (11 inches) below the average for this time of the year, and 39 cm (16 inches) below the level of one year ago.
  • The water levels in Lac St-Louis and Montreal Harbour were about 20.62 m (67.65 ft) and 6.05 m (19.85 ft), respectively. These were 98 cm (39 inches) and 134 cm (53 inches) below their respective averages.
  • Enclosure 2 shows a summary of the conditions on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River.

The Board discussed these and other conditions and decided to update the outflow regulation strategy announced in March. In consideration of the continued low supplies throughout the Great Lakes, the long-term strategy is to conserve water on Lake Ontario, as opportunities arise, for critical needs later in the year and within current operational constraints. Through the second week of May, outflows will generally be as determined by the Regulation Plan 1958-D except for the following deviations.

  1. A maximum weekly under-discharge of 300 m3/s (10,600 cfs) below plan will be made to conserve water on Lake Ontario, provided that the level of Lac St-Louis is maintained above 20.6 m (67.6 ft) and the level of Lake St. Francis at Summerstown is above 46.58 m (152.82 ft). Under-discharges of greater than 300 m3/s (10,600 cfs) may occur to prevent the level of Lac St-Louis from rising above its 22.10 m (72.51 ft) flood alert level.
  2. Flow increases to maintain Lac St-Louis levels above 20.6 m (67.6 ft) and
  3. the level of Lake St. Francis at Summerstown above 46.58 m (152.82 ft), the

    minimums for full draft Seaway navigation.

  4. Flow increases to meet critical hydropower needs and to raise levels at the

Port of Montreal for critical navigation needs at a maximum weekly over-

discharge of 300 m3/s (10,600 cfs) and no more than a maximum daily over-

discharge of 600 m3/s /day (21,200 cfs/day) above plan flow.


 As of April 7, the accumulated over-discharges were equivalent to a 1.1 cm (0.4 inch) lowering of the Lake Ontario level relative to Plan. The Board agreed to review this strategy in mid-May at its next teleconference, or before if conditions warrant.


Item 2. Discussion of Multi-city Conference Call

The Board discussed the March 18, 2003 multi-city teleconference. It was suggested that the Board staff make follow-up telephone calls to discuss complaints, recognizing that this would involve more staff time. The Co-Chairs suggested that the responses to questions at the multi-city telecon seemed to have a positive impact and this format for dialogue with the public should continue. Suggestions for better advertising the teleconferences and public meetings were noted by the Board. Regulation strategy media release in the future will announce the date for the next teleconference/public meeting. The Board suggested that better explanation of the regulation strategy be discussed, using examples of the past 6 months. The Board staff was also requested to prepare responses to anticipated questions. The Board noted the need to point out the preponderant effect of nature on the water levels compared to Board’s discretionary deviations and the need to adjust or live within the range of level variation. The Communications Committee will assess potential sites for the Fall teleconference and recommend venues.


Item 3 Review of March Board meeting minutes

The Board reviewed the March 5-6, 2003 meeting minutes and approved them, subject to incorporation of comments. Suggested wording changes to 2 paragraphs will be circulated. Following this, the final minutes will be forwarded to the Board, and the Commission for translation into French.


Item 4. Other Business: The two Board Members of the Communications Committee (CC) gave an update on the CC’s activities. One major item under consideration is the format and content of the semi-annual progress reports to the IJC. The CC will recommend improvements for next Fall’s progress report. Suggested changes will be made to the latest progress report in order to show how the suggested improvements would be incorporated.

The Board agreed to hold a telecon meeting on May 14 at 2:00 p.m. (EST) to discuss the April 7 regulation strategy







April 7, 2003, 1330-1600 hours

Embassy Square – Summerfield Suites Hotel

2000 N Street NW

Washington, D.C.






  1. Update of current conditions and regulation strategy
  2. Discussion of multi-city conference call
  3. Review of March Board meeting minutes
  4. Other business


Reg Golding
Secretary, Canadian Section
Canadian Coast Guard
200 Kent Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E6
Tel (613) 998-1408
Fax (613) 991-2473
John Kangas
Secretary, United States Section
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
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